HERB malt beverage

non-alcoholic Draft Beer made in munich, germany


HERB is nonalcoholic Draft Beer crafted by German brew masters.

This refreshing non-alcoholic Draft Beer has all the flavors and aromas you would expect from a lager.

Different mocktail recipes can be done with HERB beer.

The Beer is HALAL and is not dealcoholized.

quality at its finest

HERB is an outstanding refreshment on its own and perfectly complements any meal.

Product Range

HERB 0,0% 20l Keykeg


Water, barley malt, hop extract, carbonic acid, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

Packaging / SKU

1 x 20l KeyKeg

HERB 0,0% 0,33l Can


Water, barley malt, hop extract, carbonic acid

Packaging / SKU

24 x 0,33l Tray

Packaging / SKU

24 x 0,33l Tray


The finest and highest quality machines are used along with the fine tasting HERB kegs to ensure perfect extraction.

HERB Brewing

to a traditional old fashioned recipe

Tradition meets Innovation

HERB BREWING combines traditional values with innovation and stands for the highest levels of product quality!

Handcrafted draft beer

The products, which are made by hand, impress consumers both with their unique, incomparable taste and visually with their design.

Pure natural products

Only exquisite and natural ingredients are used in the brewing process, taking into account the German purity law.

Real Passion

We work on new product developments with a love of detail and a correspondingly high level of passion, but we are also constantly working on the existing brands and decoration in the design forge. The best is never good enough.

”If you‘re satisfied with something then you‘ve already given up.“
– A. W. Herb

This motto is one of HERB BREWING‘s recipes for success.

Act local think global

Located in Munich, the „capital city of beer“, international influences also play a key role in HERB BREWING.

A. W. Herb has been working in the drinks industry for more than 25 years.

Everything started with the well-known brands Dos Equis, Tecate, Sol Mexican Beer, Miller Genuine Draft & Co., which the brewery mogul marketed nationally and internationally in the 1990s.

UAE Special Project 0,0%

The activities in the Middle East mean that the latest product to be developed is a 0% HERB BEER,
which is characterised by its full-bodies and refreshing nature and contains no alcohol whatsoever.

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